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Legal questionnaire for ACDH-CH projects


You have been asked to fill in this questionnaire because you are part of a new project that the ACDH-CH is involved in. You will answer questions about the imprint on the project website, about the provenance and legal situation of reused data, about the openness of data and code created in the project, and about data privacy issues.

Some of these legal areas might not be relevant to your project; others might be, but you might not know the answers to the posed questions yet. In that case, you can skip the respective part of the questionnaire, respectively come back to the questionnaire and answer them at a later point in time. It might also make sense that different team members fill in different parts of the questionnaire; a data curator will be more familiar with the data (re-)used in the project, while a programmer will know more about the code created or re-used. Therefore, please do not hesitate to pass on the task of answering questions to the team members who have the most expertise in the area in question.

Some of these questions might make you realize that you need support or advice on certain legal aspects of your project. In that case, please do not hesitate to request this support either by using the "Follow-up actions" section at the end of the questionnaire or by directly getting in touch with the Taskforce Legal Issues

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